Kirk Caudill
Kirk Caudill
Creativity is my ultimate tool


Personal Photographer


My lovely wife Taylor always refers to me a her ‘personal photographer.’



In 8 years of photography a lot has changed. I’m married, I have a sidekick ‘Tucker,’ I got bit by the travel bug, and my forever venture is: The Makery Company.

My sister-in-law once gave me a book: ‘How To Be Everything’. I’m what you would call a very creative and venturous person. There are very few things that I don’t think I could do, which brings us back to the book. In this book is a term.

Multipotentialite: someone with many interests and creative pursuits. (Yeah that is definitely me.)


“Let us step into the night and pursue that flighty temptress, adventure.”

/  Albus Dumbledore  /